Bride Demands Whole Neighborhood Not Use Outdoor Space During Her 2-Day Wedding

A bride in Alaska decided she wanted to have a two-day wedding ceremony/reception in a wooded public area. To make sure the weekend is going well, she posted a note on a tree in the area where the wedding was to take place asking locals not to camp this weekend and to expect some ” loud music”. However, the note quickly backfired. Many locals expressed outrage at the bride’s demands, and the bride herself addressed the upset locals directly in a tense Facebook post.

In a Reddit thread called r/weddingshaming, a Redditor posted a photo of the bride’s note.

The note reads: “On Friday and Saturday June 18th and 19th we will be holding our wedding ceremony and reception. Please do not camp here! We have a whole guest list arriving for the weekend to celebrate , so if you decide anyway, we’ll set it up around you and do it anyway. Make sure you have a gift and a dish for the barbecue.

A second, smaller note reads: “PS, it will be loud music and a late night weekend, so if your [sic] here expect that. We will be more than 50. Thank you for your understanding.”

According to the Redditor, the area is a “public use area” in their neighborhood where they and their neighbors “walk, mountain bike, and camp.” The Redditor also alleged that the bride did not have a permit, left contact details or did not have the facilities to carry out the pre-planned ceremony.

On the same day the original poster shared the photo of the panels on Reddit, they shared an updated photo which shows the community’s direct response to the bride. In a note taped to the bride’s, someone said: ‘Hey congratulations on your upcoming wedding but your plan to host a ton of people and play ‘loud music’ for two days won’t work not for the people of this region.”

The note writer wanted to know where the bride’s guests would park and how they would use the bathroom. They also warned that if the wedding was not moved and caused a “nuisance”, soldiers would be called in to tow the vehicles away.

Another note alleged that there would be a teen camping and photo shoot this weekend. “Good luck”, they said, as well as “go away”.

It is unclear whether holding an event in the area is illegal. But from the poster’s responses in the thread, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In response to a Redditor asking if residents could report the upcoming wedding to local rangers, the original poster said, “This is not a park so no rangers. This has been reported to multiple agencies, but nothing can be done until they show up and start breaking some rules.I’m really worried about a forest fire too, we have a high fire risk right now.

Three days after posting the photos, the original poster shared another update with Redditors. According to the poster, the bride addressed the note on Facebookwhich caused new tensions with the inhabitants of the region.

“I didn’t mean to offend the community in any way,” the bride said at the start of her comment in what appears to be a community post. His identity has been kept anonymous by the poster. “My sign was in an effort to detour [sic] punk kids trying to party. I can assure the community that we will not disturb and leave no damage.”

She went on to explain that she was inviting 10 people, all with several children under the age of 15. She also alleged that she would call soldiers to ensure she could continue with the ceremony and again apologized and left her contact details for those who wished. ask further questions.

In a separate follow-up comment, she told residents a trooper would be on patrol “not just to make sure we’re respectful, but your community is respectful.”

“We’re not doing anything wrong in any way,” she continued.

But locals were not appeased by his comments. Some were offended that she implied they would be the loudest or disrespectful, although she admitted she would play loud music. Many argued that her tone was passive-aggressive and felt that she should have rented a suitable space to hold the ceremony rather than taking over popular public space.

When the bride apologized for ‘miscommunication’, and again explained that she was worried about the ‘party people in mind’, someone commented, ‘I’m sorry, I’d like you to be honest. I think he’s a cop and you just want to be the victim pretending the sign was for teenagers.” They were also angry that she called in soldiers to patrol the event.

“Why would you even want to contact the soldiers,” one commenter asked. “It’s all a waste of time. It’s a public space and free. If there’s space left by the time you get there, settle in. If not, move on.”

The bride alleged she just wanted a peaceful weekend and contacted the soldiers because people were threatening to bring guns.

“I will not be greeted with guns by the community with young children when nothing bad has been done,” she said.

A commentator agreed that no one should step up anything with guns, but told the bride the best way to approach the situation would have been to communicate from the start that she would not be disruptive and s expected the same courtesy in return.

The original poster did not give a full update after the ceremony. When a Redditor asked for details about the event, the poster said, “As far as I know, not much [happened]… No new drama on FB other than one of the neighbors making a vague reference that “not all the issues have been posted on Facebook, people who need to know have been told”. Whatever that means.

“I honestly think it’s all been overdone,” they continued. “It was just rednecks posting a tone-deaf ad about their camping party.”

A bride wrote a letter asking residents not to use a public outdoor space on the weekend of her wedding. Locals were unhappy with the demand.
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