Bobby Berk’s Desert Hacienda celebrates the outdoors with a high-tech terrace

Design expert and Emmy-nominated TV host Bobby Berck is not the type to pass up a great opportunity. When one showed up last summer as a Spanish-style villa for sale just down the street from where he was staying in Palm Desert, California, the weird eye the star has taken action.

After a year-long renovation to update and elevate the mid-century residence, Berk showcased Casa Tierra as the showcase home during Palm Springs Modernism Week 2022 — and began welcoming its first guests as that Airbnb host.

Unlike other composite decking materials, TimberTech products look like real wood without a plastic sheen, and unlike real wood, they resist fading, chipping and staining.

A refined blend of rustic and modern, European and Mediterranean, Casa Tierra spills over a dramatic desert landscape and captures cliffside views. Berk added two Timbertech composite decking to encourage outdoor living and entertaining. “What I love most about TimberTech is how it looks real,” says the designer. “With a lot of composite materials, you can tell they’re not real from a mile away. TimberTech’s product, however, looks like real wood – and to me that’s very important because I want the space is as natural as possible.”

“Being in the desert in an extremely harsh climate, it was important for me to use a product that I didn’t have to worry about literally disintegrating in the sun,” says Berk. “And the fact that TimberTech has a lifetime warranty ensures that I won’t have to worry about this product in a year, two years or even 50 years.”

Heat resistant and slip resistant, TimberTech creates a safe environment for bare feet or paws.

While authentic wood might seem like the most “natural” choice, Berk knew it wouldn’t be the best in terms of practicality. “My design process always starts with function – spaces should work and materials should work,” he says. “Your deck should be a place to relax and enjoy, not a place to work. With wood, especially in a desert environment, you have to sand it, stain it, and seal it every two years. With TimberTech, you install Do it, and you’re done forever.”

“I love the weathered teak color of the deck because it blends into this desert environment,” says Berk. “It’s also a very similar aesthetic to what I do in the house, where everything is organic and natural with terra cotta and light wood. So it’s a nice extension of the indoor/outdoor environments that we’re trying to create at Casa Tierra.”

TimberTech’s cutting-edge designs feature nuanced hues, realistic grain patterns, and innovative finishes that are virtually indistinguishable from real wood. For Casa Tierra, Berk chose a Patinated teak from the Vintage Collection with Rail Express Aluminum printing railing that echoes both the local terrain and the home’s earthy material palette. “One of the things that companies haven’t really thought about in the past is this connection between the interior space and the exterior space,” says Berk, “but the colors and textures that Timbertech creates make these spaces feel a lot more harmonious.”

“One of the things I love most about TimberTech is that they literally take the trash and turn it into a beautiful, durable product that won’t end up in the landfill in five years,” Berk says.

Taking inspiration from the desert surroundings, it was crucial for Berk to choose minimal impact materials for the renovation. “Unfortunately, the construction industry is one of the most unsustainable on the planet,” he says. “Using a product made from recycled materials was important to me because I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. In 2021, TimberTech diverted 500 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills through its use of recycled materials, and reused 99% of the scrap generated by the company.

Environmentally friendly, maintenance-free and aesthetically stunning, TimberTech offers peace of mind and ease of maintenance. “Here at Casa Tierra, we are surrounded by such beautiful nature, the mountains, the valley, the desert animals – it really made me think about the products I was using to renovate the place,” Berk adds. . “And that’s where TimberTech came in.”

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