Best Sims 4 Challenges 2022

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Looking for the best Sims 4 challenges?

The Sims 4 is perhaps the most popular simulation game in the world.

A glorified dollhouse where we can create our sims and give them horrible experiences of torture or we give them the life we ​​always wanted for ourselves.

Whether we’re creating the perfect household or spending hours crafting the perfect house or lot, there are many different ways to enjoy The Sims 4. Some gamers may want to introduce a number of mods into their game, while that others could actually play the game’s challenges and scenarios.

But among the very active and lively Sims 4 community, there are a number of challenges people have thought of that will spruce up your game.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best challenges in The Sims 4, their rules, and system requirements!


Rags to Riches Challenge

Rags to World Famous Musician Challenge — The Sims Forums
Eventually, you will be able to buy a tent! – Copyright EA/Maxis

Install: Create a Sim, move them to a wasteland, and get rid of all their money.

Terms: None.

In this challenge, all you have to do is create a Sim. This sim will start their new life on an empty lot, they will start their new life with no money, no possessions. Then, slowly but surely, you will have to increase your wealth until you are one of the richest sims in the market.

You will have to live on community land to meet your needs until you can afford to buy a house. Needless to say, this particular challenge is very time consuming and takes a while before you can complete it. It’s a nice cross-country challenge to get in and out.

Live the challenge of life on the farm

The Sims 4: Cottage Living Left Me Wishing For Death's Sweet Kiss |  Tech Radar
This challenge is only Stardew Valley in Sims format – Copyright EA/Maxis

Install: Create a Sim, move them to a wasteland, and get rid of all their money.

Terms: Cottage Living expansion pack.

Almost identical to Rags to Riches, Live the Farm Life makes the most of the Cottage Living expansion pack. In this version of the challenge, you will not have the option of getting a job to earn money, but instead you will have to live off the land. You have to start a farm, become a professional farmer and use your animals, crops and other means to earn your living.

There are also detailed rules for the Live the Farm Life challenge if you want the stricter version.

Globetrotter Challenge – Sims 4 Challenges

picture 16
One of the toughest challenges in the community – Copyright EA/Maxis

Install: Create a young adult simulation and once you’ve moved them to Mount Komorebi, give them a tent and set the funds to 0-50 simoleons (true cheat testmoney 0).

Terms: Seasons, island living, eco lifestyle, snowy escape, outdoor retreat, jungle adventure, Strangerville, magic or vampire kingdom, crafty knitting.

This challenge is essentially a gap year made real. This challenge lets you create a young Sim who wants to achieve as many Aspirations as possible within a game year, using the seasons as a guide. Segmented into seven rounds, you must complete both your primary and secondary aspirations each round, while moving from location to location between rounds.

Check out the full rules for the Globetrotter Challenge.

big brother challenge

Big Brother Challenge 2020 — The Sims Forums
Depending on the mods you have installed, this challenge can take many forms – Copyright EA/Maxis

Install: Create 8 Sims of varying ages and personalities and take them to your Big Brother house.

Terms: None.

This mod is one of those chaotic but endlessly fun mods. You create 8 sims who will all live in the same household and the perfect house – the one that keeps them from leaving and keeps them within the confines of the Big Brother house.

Over the course of seven weeks, each week a Sim will be kicked – the Sim with the lowest friendship with others until there are only two left, at which point you can find a number of ways to narrow it down to one last winning player.

This is one of those challenges where once you’re done with the setup and all the hard work, you can sit back and let the game play out on its own. Each week offers different tasks for your sims to complete, adding complexity and chaos to the mix.

Check out the detailed Big Brother Challenge rules.

Black Widow Challenge

Black Widow Challenge Miniseries – Introduction – Simply Vanilla Sims
Create the best Black Widow to torment your neighborhood – Copyright EA/Maxis.

Install: Create a young female sim with the materialistic, snobby, and romantic traits, and serial romantic aspiration.

Terms: None.

This black widow challenge is a challenge from The Sims 4 all about romance and money, moving from house to house, accumulating as much wealth as possible and if you happen to leave a husband or two, make sure to feign ignorance. Create a young adult female Sim and place her in a house. This sim is not allowed to get a job, in fact all of her income must come from her suitors.

The goal of the challenge is to find and marry a Sim, the richer the better. Host a dinner party, find your Sim’s next lover, get caught cheating, and murder your husband. Continue the cycle until your sim goes through ten lovers and is fabulously rich.

Check out the detailed rules for the Black Widow Challenge.

100 Babies Challenge – Sims 4 Challenges

The top is the 100 possible babies challenge
One Big Happy Family – Copyright EA/Maxis

Install: Create a young adult Sim. We will call her the matriarch. For clarity, the matriarch will be referenced with female pronouns in the rules, but your matriarch can have any gender customizations you want, as long as she can get pregnant. She can have any trait, aspirations, appearance, walking style or voice you like.

Terms: None.

A staple of Sims challenges, the 100 Baby Challenge is pretty much exactly that. You must accomplish getting 100 babies. There are a few variations of this challenge, but the truest form involves using a single young female sim and having her give birth to 100 babies.

You can modify the conditions of this challenge. For example, each baby must have a different father. The objective of this challenge is to give birth to 100 children in as few generations as possible. The challenge ends when the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking the rules.

Check out the detailed rules for the 100 Babies Challenge.

There are our picks for some of the best challenges in The Sims 4, they are sure to make your game more fun and give you a challenge.