Beautiful exterior features and designs

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Now that we can once again spend more time with our family and friends, many of us are looking forward to having fun and relaxing outside on the back patio with those we love.

Manual builders, a family business, is a staple in the state of Louisiana, building dream homes for over 55 years. And they’ll show you some of the best outdoor spaces to suit your lifestyle.

Taylor Burtner, construction consultant at Manuel Builders, recently shared some great ideas for outdoor spaces on YurView’s Creative Living show. Watch the video above or read the full interview transcript below (slightly edited for clarity).

Exterior Features and Designs

Taylor Burtner, Construction Consultant, Manual Builders (00:15) – Whenever you’re considering planning an outdoor living space, you want to think about what you’re going to use that space for. So if you like to sit and watch a football game on a Saturday night, then maybe we’ll make an outdoor fireplace like the one behind me.

outdoor living spaces, Manual Builders

(00:28) But if you’re a big cook, then maybe we’re talking about putting a grill and a side burner or a sink outside. It all depends on how you will use it. I think the number of people who want outdoor space is very high. Everyone loves being outdoors. We live in southern Louisiana. So we want to spend time outdoors.

outdoor living spaces, Manual Builders

(00:50) – Some of the top things we see customers requesting for their outdoor spaces are gas grills. We have side burners. You have built-in trash cans, brick cabinets with maybe a sink outside or a gas fireplace on the back patio. Definitely ceiling fans as it is very hot here.

Value of outdoor living space

TB (01:12) – Outdoor living space always creates value. Equity is a tough question anytime you talk about the real estate market and anytime things add value to it. But every time you build the house, you want to build it for yourself. So it’s about the value it creates for you and your family.

Continuing trend of outdoor spaces

TB (01:29) – I definitely see outdoor living space continuing to be a trend. Now that we’re getting to a point where we can hang out with our friends and family again, what we’re going to want to do more than anything else is hang out on the back patio, relax, have fun with our family and friends.

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