Bear Creek Outdoor Living has its roots in downtown Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) – Bear Creek Outdoor Living started five years ago in a friend’s abandoned chicken coop and has grown to outgrow every installation. Now co-founders Victoria and Brian Minnger are ready to move into downtown Waynesboro.

“Growth is always a good thing,” Victoria said. “Then this building was put up for sale and it’s right in our community. Now here we are preparing to move in soon.

Bear Creek Outdoor Living‘s new facility will be located at 180 Port Republic Road in Waynesboro, directly across from the Waynesboro Fire Department.

“If it starts in the back door and goes outside, we build it, renovate it, design it and furnish it,” said Brian, who was born and raised in Waynesboro. “We were in an establishment where we were scattered. Our office was in one place and our store in another. This will become the hub of our store, for materials coming and going, for all of our offices and staff. We service all of that area, so it’s centrally located for us.

They now employ over 35 people in the Shenandoah Valley. This new space will allow them to employ more people. Victoria said that as a company they build amazing things for customers, but they also strive to build people.

“We want to attract artisans and women to the industry so this space will allow us to continue to train them well,” said Victoria.

The Bear Creek team will be working on renovating the space this summer to prepare for a grand opening this fall.

“We are excited about everything happening downtown, from new park and museum projects to the proximity to the greenway so our employees have access to outdoor spaces,” said Victoria. “It will take time, but we have big dreams for space.”

These dreams include a garden that would provide educational opportunities and help its employees and the community create community engagement to inspire families to live, work and play together outdoors.

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