Barrette Outdoor Living® expands railing infill options with award-winning decorative screen panels

Barrette Outdoor Living RDI® Aluminum Railing Avalon Collection® with decorative Boardwalk infill panels.

Barrette Outdoor Living has expanded their already robust range of infill options available for their aluminum and vinyl railing products to include their award-winning Decorative Screen Panels (DSP). Selected from over 200 entries, DSPs won the “Best Outdoor Product” award at the 2022 NAHB International Builders Show® (SIC).

Unique in the railing market, DSPs can be added to the Barrette Outdoor Living RDI® Finyl Line CollectionMT Vinyl ramp, RDI® Aluminum Railing Avalon Collection® and RDI® Privacy Rail Collection. DSPs can be inserted into railing panels with a special adapter kit, allowing DSPs to become a customizable, code-compliant, semi-private infill option.

By incorporating DSPs into select railing products, Barrette Outdoor Living has found a great way to provide a product that offers homeowners an easy way to showcase their creative style – and have an outdoor product that will the envy of the neighborhood. For a truly distinctive look, homeowners can go one step further by alternating DSP infills with traditional railing panels.

In addition to railing infills, DSPs can be used for traditional below deck coverage, to create dividing walls, as exterior or interior wall art, or as privacy screens and room dividers. Other Barrette Outdoor Living products that incorporate DSPs include vinyl and mixed-material fences, pergolas, and frame sets.

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Barrette Outdoor Living 3′ x 6′ Compatible Decorative Screen Panels (DSP) can be used as railing infills. DSPs are made from impact and scratch resistant polypropylene, a durable material designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with minimal expansion and contraction. The following DSP patterns are available in a range of colors for use with select RDI Collection aluminum and vinyl railing products:
• Sanibel
• Ride
• River rock
• Optics

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