Aluminum railings are trending as a homeowners choice for outdoor living spaces

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Digger Specialties, Inc.

A recent notable trend in the new residential and home improvement markets is the growing demand for products that enhance outdoor living spaces for a functional and inviting lifestyle. Many homeowners add decks, porches, and balconies that present an elevated aesthetic and a place to relax with family and friends. Key criteria among homeowners are products that complement the overall design of their home and are contemporary in appearance, exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.

Within the overall decking and railing product category, there is a significant movement towards the use of aluminum railings that offer distinctive designs while offering unparalleled durability and minimal maintenance. Aluminum railing systems are rapidly replacing wood, composite, vinyl and steel railing products on the market. Wooden railings can warp and warp and should be painted or stained. Aluminum railings are more durable than vinyl railings and are easier to maintain. Composite railing systems are more complicated, more expensive and more difficult to install than aluminum deck and porch railings. Unlike steel railings, aluminum railings do not rust and are much lighter, making them easier to install.

Digger Specialties, Inc.
Digger Specialties, Inc.

Digger Specialties Inc. (DSI) has become the leading manufacturer of aluminum railing systems in the United States with the broadest group of railing styles and designs in the industry. DSI’s Westbury® Aluminum railings offer sleek and contemporary railing styles that are preferred over bulky traditional railing systems. Engineered into all Westbury aluminum railing systems, there are components that speed up the installation of the railing system. This and the lightweight design make the Westbury Aluminum Railing easy to install.

Westbury railing systems are available in 12 standard colors (textured and non-textured) and homeowners have the option of ordering custom colors. Westbury Aluminum Railing is a perfect complement to wood and composite deck boards. With its powder coat finish and use of premium aluminum components, the Westbury Aluminum Railing offers homeowners a carefree outdoor lifestyle with minimal maintenance. The Westbury aluminum ramp is available with Magena Star® lighting to provide attractive nighttime illumination of outdoor living areas.

The Westbury Aluminum Railing is manufactured to provide a durable finish. DSI’s ten-step powder coating process is the most rigorous in the industry. Raw materials are carefully selected and inspected to ensure the aluminum base is free from contaminants and defects. To provide complete coverage, 20 spray guns are used to apply the architectural powder coating. The coating is then bonded to the aluminum railing components in a 400 degree curing step. DSI is the only aluminum railing manufacturer whose powder coating process is Powder Coating Institute (PCI) 4000 certified and meets the rigorous specifications to be verified as AAMA compliant. The result of this meticulous process is a deck railing system that offers a durable color finish backed by DSI’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Digger Specialties, Inc.
Digger Specialties, Inc.

DSI Westbury aluminum railings are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to meet the railing needs of residential and commercial applications. The Westbury railing product line includes the following styles:

VertiCable®: To meet the growing demand for cable railing systems, DSI offers Westbury VertiCable Railings which feature thin vertical cables designed to provide an unobstructed view from any deck, porch or balcony. Unlike horizontal cable railing systems, VertiCable railings come in pre-assembled sections that save up to 60% labor time and cost compared to horizontal railing systems.

Tuscany: The Tuscany Aluminum Railing is the best selling product in the Westbury line of aluminum railing systems. Offering long-lasting durability and lasting beauty, the Tuscany Railing is available in two classic rail designs that are accented by a sleek top rail and come with either square or round balusters.

Montego: Montego Aluminum Railing features elegant curved balusters in two designs. Montego has curved balusters in an attractive two rail design while Montego II has curved balusters with a distinctive three rail design.

Riviera: The Riviera Aluminum Railing features a premium three-rail design with a sleek top rail and square or round balusters. To add a personalized touch to the railing system, we offer five decorative options between the top rail and the middle rail.

Screen Rail: ScreenRail offers homeowners the ability to enclose decks and porches or other outdoor structures with the protection and privacy of a screened-in living space.

Veranda: Veranda Glass Railing combines the low maintenance attributes of aluminum railings with glass panels between posts to provide wide open viewing areas with the security of railing sections. Veranda’s classic two-rail design is enhanced by the availability of clear, gray or bronze glass panels that provide dramatic, unobstructed views of exterior views.

Liberty S10: The Liberty S10 railing is designed for residential and multi-family applications for use on decks, porches and balconies. The Liberty S10 Aluminum Railing is an ideal choice when wood, composite or PVC deck boards are used.

ADA Compliant Handrail: The ADA Compliant Aluminum Handrail is designed to ensure that commercial and public spaces are accessible to those with accessibility and mobility issues. These versatile handrail components and accessories provide the perfect safety solution for ramps, stairs, decks and other applications.

The DSI Westbury Aluminum Railing is designed for easy installation. Mindfulness in product design is one of the main reasons contractors prefer to install DSI railing systems. DSI aluminum railing systems are all produced with a meticulous 10-step powder coating system for a durable finish that stands up to the elements. The Westbury aluminum railing is perfectly suited for DSI aluminum fence systems.

As the leading manufacturer of aluminum railings in North America, DSI’s experience as a producer of aluminum railings and fencing translates into top quality products backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more about DSI Westbury Railing Systems Click here.