Albuquerque Approves Second Safe Outdoor Space

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Albuquerque’s Safe Outdoor Spaces is being launched following Wednesday night’s city council meeting. So what happens next?

All preliminary steps for Safe Outdoor Spaces can now move forward without hesitation.

“Well, at least in the city, whether we’ll have a safe space option is settled,” Councilman Pat Davis said.

Moving forward also means seeking more funding to ensure spaces can operate efficiently and be safe.

Some of the funding originally earmarked for Safe Outdoor Spaces was reallocated to funding homeless veterans after Councilman Dan Lewis’ bill passed late Wednesday night.

Mayor Tim Keller thinks funding for the project will also come in other ways.

“We know the program itself is still valid and so the issue of funding is really a separate issue,” Keller said. “People can obviously fund it through their own nonprofit or church, and we’ll see what other kind of city support might be available.”

Safe Outdoor Spaces is working to be approved across the city.

Currently, two spaces have been approved, according to the city website. The first space, located on Menaul near the Big-I, was approved in August. The second space, located on Candelaria near Edith, appears to be at Albuquerque Opportunity Center.