A gardening expert explains how to start a garden with limited outdoor space

Gardening expert and author Annie Burdick has shared her tips for beginning gardeners looking to start their own garden with limited space. In her new book, Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul, Annie discusses the health and wellness benefits of gardens and gardening as well as tips for caring for plants in all environments. Annie, who lives in Oregon, shared her advice for people who have no outdoor space or limited outdoor space.

No outdoor space

For those without outdoor space, Annie suggested trying houseplants on window sills which offer a plethora of homeowner benefits.

Indoor plants can improve the air quality in a room and also improve mood.

Annie explained: “If you don’t have outdoor space, you can always find a window in your house and start getting some indoor plants – that’s the easiest way.

“Also, an important part of any kind of gardening or plant care is having something to tend to.

“You care about something, you have something that you are responsible for and you watch it grow.

“Having a plant or two in a window can give you that first idea of ​​gardening and the greenery and life around you.

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“I go to charity shops or antique stores and find old containers and pierce them so they can work like a jar.

“I gather them around my terrace. I just have a balcony so I would do that.

“You can be creative and have affordable options for your garden.

“Then I plant the vegetables that are most important to me.

Annie also suggested adding elements for wildlife.

She said: “In a small space you can bring in other gardening elements like wildlife.

“For example, adding a bird feeder or birdbath will automatically bring the birds in, even if you only have a balcony or patio.

“You don’t need a huge garden to have lots of animals and tons of plants.”

Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul: How to Nourish Your Wellbeing with Nature by Annie Burdick is published by Summersdale Publishers.

The book will be available to buy from February 10 for £12.99