6 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Year-Round Friendly — RISMedia

Since the start of the pandemic, our outdoor spaces have become a true extension of our home, transforming from a place of seasonal entertainment to a year-round haven for gathering, playing, living and working.

To help you make more use of your outdoor space throughout the year, the home and real estate experts at Living Cozy have these six tips for making the most of the fresh air at all times.

  1. weatherproof furniture

Weatherproof furniture will allow you to use your outdoor space all year round, regardless of the weather forecast. Also look for furniture with low thermal conductivity so that it is not hot to the touch on hot summer days. It will also help prevent materials from cracking and fading over time.

  1. Lighting

Outdoor lighting used year-round gives your home a warm and inviting feel, while also serving utilitarian purposes by illuminating walkways and entryways. Outdoor lighting options are endless, from motion-activated spotlights and solar-powered accent lights to playful garlands and lanterns.

  1. add heat

The best way to start using your outdoor space all year round is to add a heating element. Consider a fire pit that everyone can gather around, whether you choose to build one in a chosen location or invest in the portable variety. Also consider an infrared patio heater, which can heat up your entire deck or patio for outdoor entertaining.

  1. Make it comfortable

Another way to add comfort and warmth to your outdoor space is with a selection of warm blankets and throws. The cushions and pillows in your outdoor space will also encourage cuddling outdoors, while adding a stylish pop of color, so don’t skimp on adding those traditional indoor pieces outside.

  1. shade and shelter

Accessories and structures that add shade and shelter are practical all year round, protecting you from the sun in the summer and cold winds in the cooler months. Some of the best shade and shelter options for gardens and outdoor spaces include umbrellas, gazebos, canopies and pergolas.

  1. Dining room

When it comes to al fresco dining, it’s time to think beyond the barbecue. Today’s options for outdoor chefs include outdoor ovens, smokers, built-in grills and pizza ovens. Outdoor kitchens up the culinary factor by providing refrigeration, sinks and storage space for easy cooking.