5 ways to improve your outdoor space — RISMedia

Your outdoor spaces are the first customers will see when they arrive at your front door. Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to spruce up your home, prioritizing outdoor spaces can ensure you make a great first impression.

To plant a tree
Trees can provide shade, visual interest, and even fruit. A good tree can energize any garden – just make sure you plant it in the right place. Remember that a tree too close to the house can cause problems over time. Tree roots can damage underground pipes, and overgrown trees can become a fire hazard if they are too close to building exteriors. A well-placed tree can be an advantage for years to come.

Start a garden
Gardens add lush greenery to manicured spaces, ensuring visual interest in your yard. That’s before we consider the delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables you can grow. Check with your local garden center or garden group to find out what will grow in your area each season. Remember that some vegetables like the cold. Don’t think that you will have an unused spot in your garden for half the year.

Opt for native plants
Native plants are an eco-friendly option for landscaping. Because they are native to your home’s climate, they require little maintenance and additional water. This ensures that they are inexpensive in the long run and can make things easier if you live in an area with limited water usage. Native plants will also attract friendly pollinators, which is great for growing your garden.

Consider the color
Spring blooms naturally prompt us to consider color options when it comes to our landscaping. With all the choices out there, everyone is naturally more careful to think about their plants and color selections. Remember to do this all year round. Winter may be less colorful in your area, but be sure to find winter-loving bushes with berries, hearty flowers, and plants with colorful leaves that can add contrast to your garden.

Paint and polish
Painting the exterior of your home is easier than you think. With consumer-grade paint sprayers and a plethora of painting tools available at your local hardware store, all you need is a little expert advice on choosing the right type of paint. If you’re not ready to take on such a major task, keep the exterior of your home looking good by giving it a quick clean with a pressure washer. You’ll be amazed at what a little paint and a good varnish can do for your outdoor space.