5 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space for Summer Entertaining

Renowned Fort Worth interior designer, Tori Rubinson, provides simple steps to help other Fort Worth residents create practical and tasteful outdoor spaces suitable for summer entertaining. “Your outdoor space is an extension of your home’s interior,” shares Rubinson. There are endless possibilities to improve your garden to make it a functional part of your life.

When it comes to designing your space, Rubinson takes it back to basics. “The first thing we do is ask our customers, ‘How do you see yourself using this space? ‘” Rubinson shares. It takes into account the landscaping, layout and usability of the area. It’s important to make realistic design decisions that fit the lifestyle you’re looking to cultivate.

Now, without further ado, here are the five ways Rubinson says you can improve your outdoor space for entertaining:

1. Invest in smart outdoor devices

Outdoor appliances can truly transform the way you entertain and use your garden. Rubinson recommends a few of her favorite devices that she uses in her outdoor living space. “We have a beverage fridge so the kids can grab water, Gatorades and juice boxes,” says Rubinson.

You can also consider an ice machine for the purpose of entertainment. “I feel like the ice chip makes your drink so much more enjoyable,” she says. A few other suggestions include a slide-out trash can as well as a high-end power grill. “You really can cook an entire meal outside on The Lien,” shares Rubinson.

2. Choose durable countertops

Durable food prep countertops make all the difference when preparing and serving a meal outdoors. You can also consider an outdoor sink for quick cleanup.

3. Outdoor furniture

Furniture is a key ingredient when creating an outdoor space. Choose rooms that are livable and inviting, and coordinate the fabrics with the tile or backsplash you have selected.

4. Lighting

Lighting sets the mood and tone of any decor, and fixtures don’t have to be boring just because they’re outdoors. “We’ve created really fun outdoor lighting—it’s both functional and beautiful,” says Rubinson. The lights you choose will uplift and enhance the mood you seek to establish.

5. Location of the outdoor kitchen

Rubinson’s final tip concerns the location of your outdoor entertaining space. If possible, “you want it to be easily accessible from the main kitchen and bathroom,” she says. If you plan to prepare food indoors, this is a game-changer – it keeps the path between the kitchen and your entertainment area as short as possible. You might also consider incorporating a dish rack so dishes and utensils stay close at hand.

Tori Rubinson creates inspiring spaces that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. This Texas-based interior designer works on a wide range of high-end residential and commercial projects across Fort Worth.

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