5 trends to inspire your outdoor living space design in 2022 – Pasadena Weekendr

Since 2020, you’ve probably spent more time at home than ever before. As a result, you are more aware of how you use your space and the impact of design on your comfort and ease. To give yourself a little more variety beyond the walls of your home, consider redesigning your outdoor spaces to create a haven for recreation and relaxation. Best of all, outdoor spaces add value to your home if you plan to sell.

If you need ideas on how to revamp your outdoor spaces, consider these top five exterior design trends for 2022. Get inspired and create your own outdoor oasis.

1. Functionality

Homeowners prioritize daily use of their outdoor spaces over entertaining themselves, resulting in a need for functionality. Convenient elements like lighting and audio technology can enhance the outdoor space. Other features like shade structures, privacy walls and screens, built-in barbecues, and free Wi-Fi let you use the space to work, relax, cook and more.

2. Defined rooms

Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, office, or living room, homeowners are turning to creating more efficient, defined outdoor spaces. Homeowners want to enjoy the daily outdoor life to relax, connect with nature, and enjoy the health and wellness benefits that the outdoors brings. Having an outdoor office can increase your productivity while decreasing stress while you enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Adding an outdoor kitchen can inspire you to cook meals using herbs and vegetables you’ve grown in your backyard, and an outdoor lounge can help you bring the family together after school is over and over. the working day.

3. Monochrome colors with accents

While lighter and tone-on-tone color palettes remain popular, accent colors and accessories are on the rise. Using cool, monochrome tones with choice accent colors can create a brighter or contrasting outdoor living space. Jetset, Belgard Color of the Year 2022, is a true blue that is the perfect pop of color to enhance any color palette. “Jetset is a much needed dose of liveliness and joy,” said Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Landscaping at Belgard. “It represents the excitement of a New Year and the will to do more, to be more and to live more.”

4. Modular design and geometric patterns

Another popular trend is modular geometric standard patterns consisting of clean lines and simple formats. Simple patterns create a modern, clean aesthetic that highlights furniture or other focal points in the space. Large format patterns and pavers also lend themselves to this style, allowing for a more efficient installation.

5. Tangled design

While people mix their outdoor spaces to serve as extensions of their homes, many focus on the tangled design, which combines the surrounding landscape with the landscape design. Fractured edges without a defined break, natural stone transitions and jagged edges mixed with rocks, grass and aggregate create a more natural and organic look that enhances the continuity of the design. To increase the depth of greens, grays, and other neutrals paired with a tangled biophilic design, consider using Jetset as an accent color for your outdoor spaces.

Do you feel inspired but don’t know where to start? Belgard Rooms offers homeowners a model-based approach to designing outdoor spaces that match their needs and design style. Visiting Belgard.com/Rooms, you can take a style quiz, define your outdoor space needs, and speed up the design and installation process so you can enjoy your outdoor space sooner.

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