5 Landscape-Inspired Looks for a Vibrant Outdoor Space

It’s almost cliché to say it: Mother Nature is impressive. From the red rocks of the country’s deserts to the black sand beaches of Iceland, the world’s landscapes are the very definition of awe-inspiring. And their singular beauty can inspire your own outdoor space. By tapping into the rich colors and dramatic textures of lush jungles or rugged seaside cliffs, your own backyard (or patio or balcony) can become a seaside retreat or a desert oasis.

We have organized five scenes that incorporate Sunbrella fabrics inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, making it easier than ever to transform your outdoor space into the vacation spot of your dreams.

southwestern desert

The landscape: The jagged red rocks of Colorado and the spectacular sunsets of Zion National Park inspire this earthy yet vibrant aesthetic.

The look: Think of the colors of the earth, the sky and the flora of the Southwest. Every shade of terracotta emerges from the rocks and hills of Grand Canyon National Park. All of this is punctuated with dusty greens inspired by wild succulents and pops of bright pinks and oranges.

Tissues: Sunbrella Canvas in khaki translates red rock colors into a great option for furniture, while Tropical climb evokes the striped colors of the desert cliffs. Welcome Guava and renew the earth are both inspired by traditional southwestern weaving.

The accessories: Shaded Sunset Plates in melamine suitable for outdoor use, a contemporary version of the classic terracotta planter, a fireplace heartha grounding sage green rug, an elegant stacking chair in burnt orange.

The board: This look really shines when you work in different textures, like a canvas-covered chair next to a matte planter holding a prickly succulent or a set of shiny plates on a rustic wooden table.

sunbrella seaside fabrics

Getaway by the sea

The landscape: The laid-back elegance of Montauk, with hints of the iconic New England coasts.

The look: The ocean is blue, but it’s not just one hue – the inky blue waters of summer have their place here, as do the stormy gray seas of winter. White is also a key part of this look, from crisp stripes along sailcloth-inspired fabrics to painted wood treated to look slightly distressed.

Tissues: Head to the dewfrom the Sunbrella Emerge collection, brings together the colors of a sandy beach and blue waters, while Equal ink has nautical vibrations. Layer subtle patterns, like Ikat Blueberry and create mistadds dimension to the neutral palette.

The accessories: Printed plush pillows, shell garlands in white and blue, sea ​​glass look tumblersa happy striped rug, a wicker placemat which looks like a cute sea creature.

The board: A beach space looks more authentic when none of the rooms look too shiny and new, so focus on colors that feel comfortable to wear, in durable materials that will improve over time.

rainforest sunbrella fabrics

Hawaiian rainforest

The landscape: In the jungles of the Big Island and Kauai, places off the beaten path feel less like resorts and more like places of discovery and adventure.

The look: Bright and vibrant is the way to go, with an emphasis on recreating the effect of tropical flowers, from glossy green leaves to deep purple and red blooms. When it comes to furniture, natural materials like rattan are organic and harmonious.

Tissues: The banana leaf print Jungle of the tropics reminiscent of the rainforest itself and goes well with the juicy red Sangria platform and green of new plant Cast Foam. Sunsetwith its abstract ombre pattern, ties the look together.

The accessories: A rattan hanging bench to enjoy the evening breeze, a dramatic teal pillow with a beautiful jungle cat, a leafy (faux) banana treea macrame plant holder, woven chairs which appear to have been fashioned from leaves and branches.

The board: Natural does not mean neutral. By using deep greens as a base, even colors you might not think would go together (purples, reds, blues) can look cohesive.

country garden sunbrella fabrics

Country gardens

The landscape: The poetic English-style gardens of time-worn stone cottages where flowers abound, with roses in varying shades of pink and lavender.

The look: Traditional without being demanding, the country garden look uses a palette of soft pinks and greens, with touches of gray stone and sky, and layered patterns reminiscent of the shapes and textures of fireplaces and soft blankets of flowers wild.

Tissues: Spring Sensitivity looks like a watercolor, while Stem blush is a soft floral scene in timeless pastels. These more natural patterns go well with the geometric shapes of Jungle Reign and the embroidery feel of Fronde Ethos.

The accessories: A shelf suitable for plants or cocktails, pale pink and green enamel tumblers, an old-fashioned hurricane lamp which also serves as a loudspeaker, a white and blush lounge chair which looks vintage in all the best ways, a hand painted beeswax candle almost too pretty to burn.

The board: You can use a seemingly unlimited number of patterns here, thanks to the soft pastel colors that keep the combination of stripes and florals (and toile or chinoiserie) from feeling too busy. This look shines with flea market finds, but if you don’t have time to treasure hunt, new pieces with a shabby-chic vibe work just as well.

black and white sunbrella

Icelandic Ocean

The landscape: Iceland’s awe-inspiring beaches, where black sand meets white surf and sparkling slate-colored rocks rise up to gray, misty skies.

The look: Here, “earth tones” means black, white, and gray, making it a good option for anyone who wants to keep things a little glamorous while taking inspiration from natural landscapes. Textures are mixed, with matte stone popping against crisp black and white metals.

Tissues: classic shore is a black and white band that connects the shades of gray, and the tight patterns of Classic Shibori and Onyx Login use contrasting colors to create a dramatic effect.

The accessories: a cheese platter which seems chiseled in a sheet of slate, a minimalist bencha sculpture watering cana groove matte black planter to hold white sand or delicate orchids.

The board: Drama, drama, drama – that’s the goal here, and you can easily achieve it by sticking to black, white and gray. The combination of matte and glossy finishes – think stone serving platters on a lacquer table – will transport you to the wilds of Scandinavia.

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