5 easy ways to decorate your outdoor space for summer entertaining

Now that spring has officially arrived, those warmer, lighter, longer days are approaching and so are those impromptu “eat out” moments. Is it me or every bite always tastes better when you’re out?

Even the simplest meal is special and to make the most of every sunny opportunity, it pays to prepare and be ready outdoors in time. I’ve always loved setting a table – indoors or outdoors; to me it’s as important as the food you eat – making your friends and family feel special, adding that level of care and style to even the most relaxed meal is one of the simple pleasures of life.

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How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space for Summer

No matter the size of your garden, realizing your outdoor living room ideas can create a space to enjoy a drink and relax in comfort.

I’ve rounded up all of my favorite ideas for entertaining garden ideas that will suit everything from large gardens to small patios to give you all the style inspiration you need this summer.

1. Decorate with a well-chosen color palette

Designers Guild Summer Decorating Tips

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Decide on two to three different color palettes that you can use throughout the season. Maybe some interchangeable plains and some coordinating patterns that add a bit of magic. Experiment and mix and match color combinations for a stylish table that will make outdoor dining as stylish as indoor dining. For indoor style that meets the outdoors, our our Odisha Peridot Cushions (opens in a new tab) are a wonderful choice.

2. Use fabric to add interest

Designers Guild summer decorating tips with fabric

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Dressing up your garden with fabric streamers can create different zones in even the smallest space, a section of an area that can be used for drinking and snacking. I use a simple metal frame that rests on my table – it’s thin and unobtrusive but allows hanging fabrics or flowers to make your table even more intimate and cozy. I prefer to use specially treated fabrics that can be left out in the summer months. This Achara Outdoor Spice (opens in a new tab) is a bold and inspired choice for any garden.

3. Light a candle

Use a mix of colored dinner candles that work with your table linens, then add white ones – everything looks better in candlelight and even the simplest meals are special with masses of them. I also like to use tealights and float them in water in vases with flower petals.

4. Set the scene with rugs and table runners

Designers Guild Summer Decorating Tips

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Add some cushions and a small rug, like our Saliya Rug Black (opens in a new tab), can stage your garden and complete the look and make your outdoor environment more relaxed and comfortable. Hard metal furniture is fantastic and adds structure – softening it with a tablecloth or throw pillows works wonders.

5. Position side tables for drinks

Tricia Guild Summer Decorating Tips

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Having your drink close at hand is imperative. After all, who wants to keep going up and down in the middle of a conversation? Position side outdoor furniture for drinks and snacks. I like to use a mix of wood, terrazzo and steel materials.

Finally, have a basket or tote bag with vases and table linens that you can quickly and easily access near your back door. As well as throws and candles – for when the temperature drops.

So whether you want to design an entertaining garden or an outdoor dining area ready to share seasonal dishes alfresco, relax in the sun with friends or host a crowd for a special occasion, take inspiration from these tips. summer fun.

Tricia Guild, OBE, Founder and Creative Director of Creators Guild. (opens in a new tab)