5 Budget-Friendly Decorating Trends to Keep Your Outdoor Space Cozy from Summer to Fall | Real Estate News and Insights

The season for backyard barbecues and lazy days in a hammock isn’t quite over yet, folks.

Sure, fall is in the air, but some of the best weather (read: sunny but not extremely hot) is yet to come. And those warm days and cool nights throughout the seasons are the perfect time to rethink your outdoor layout. We all want to linger outside as long as possible, even under a light blanket.

So this week, we’re bringing you five Instagram-inspired decorating ideas to invigorate your backyard living vibe for fall. And luckily, this list has something for everyone, whether you want a fun little weekend DIY project or a fabulous style upgrade.

Here are five on-trend outdoor decors to spruce up your outdoor living space.

1. ‘Cottagecore’ tablecloth

Has your outdoor table been battered by the sun and summer storms? Then you might just want to try this economy style hack of @windowboxcottage.

“Almost every estate sale I shop at has a collection of vintage tablecloths,” says the designer Jennifer Burtof Mississippi Maximalism. “And a pretty ‘cottagecore’ tablecloth will add another layer of decor and soften the table for outdoor dining. Pair a tablecloth with fun and colorful melamine plates for a beautiful Instagram-worthy tablescape.

Have the look: Color (and cover) your worn table by purchasing this collection of tablecloths on Etsy.

2. Mood fencing

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to revamp your outdoor space, as we see with this ultra-chic black fence from @kylamagrathinteriors.

“The Black Fence Trend Sets Total Ambiance,” Says Designer Kristen Reyesof Sey Interiors. “It brings out any decor you have. I particularly like this trend associated with light garlands because it will bring contrast. Black has long been trending for interior spaces. So it makes sense that we’re now seeing black used in an exterior application, especially since it really makes your rear space feel cosy.

Have the look: Hygge your space by repainting the fence with Behr Cracked Pepper Exterior Paint.


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3. Herringbone living room table

A cool coffee table can often be the design focal point of the entire living room. So it’s no wonder that a stylish outdoor coffee table like this one from @theresa_gromski will bring your whole outdoor living look together.

“A huge trend is to expand your entire living space to include the outdoors, and a herringbone coffee table does just that,” says Burt. “The different shades of wood help create a focal point and sophisticated seating area.”

Have the look: Build yours herringbone table or catch this one from Walmart.

4. Rattan Recliner Set

Speaking of seating, does your outdoor lounge situation need a little upgrade? Then you might consider this wonderful seating set from @elinlannsjo.

“A set of rattan recliners blend in well with nature,” says Reyes. “The curved lines have a very organic feel that doesn’t distract from the beautiful natural elements that surround it. The chair and ottoman are a fun design that can be incorporated into different styles but work particularly well together with a bohemian decor.

Have the look: Upgrade your favorite outdoor corner, then grab a book, with this Sunview Rocking Chair.

5. Rustic Hat Rack

Looking for a smaller way to add texture to your outdoor living space? Consider a rustic hat rack like this from @beachcomberloves.

“A rustic hat rack adds character but is also very practical,” says Reyes. “You can use it to hang hats, of course, but it’s also a great spot for small blankets or a hanging plant. The nostalgic feel of a rustic hat rack complements any outdoor space.

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