4 outdoor activities for young retirees

As you get older, one of the biggest milestones left to take is retirement. For many people, it draws a line under an important chapter of your life – decades spent at work earning an income to care for your family (and enjoy your free time). Although you look forward to the day when you can live a life of leisure, the transition to retirement can be emotionally difficult with the prospect of endless free time more daunting than idyllic.

A helpful way to ease the transition into retirement life is to take up a new activity or hobby. Of course, there are plenty of activities to choose from. That in itself can be a blessing or a curse – depending on how hard you find it to decide! But why limit yourself to just one? Having a lot to do is the perfect way to structure your days and maintain a sense of purpose. Savor your newfound free time after retirement with these four great outdoor activities that have the added benefit of keeping you fit and uplifting.

Join a walking group

A walking group can be an effective way to tick several boxes at once. One obvious benefit is that walking can keep you fit and active. It may be a low-intensity activity, but it has a number of health benefits. Not only that, but you also have the chance to meet like-minded people and explore beautiful landscapes at your leisure.

You don’t really need much to join a walking group either. It can be beneficial to invest in warm clothes, especially in winter. Some walking sticks can also help you get around.

Learn to set sail

If dry land isn’t enough for you, there’s always the option to take to the water, whether at sea or on one of the UK’s many waterways. But driving a boat is not without risks. Novice sailors or those feeling a little rusty should take a refresher course with an instructor to learn the key skills. If you are in a position to purchase your own boat, you may want to research boat insurance coverage that suits your needs to help you protect this long-desired investment. Once you’ve taken steps to ensure safety, you can embrace the freedom of the open water with confidence.

Maintain your garden

The garden can be an oasis of calm right on your doorstep. You don’t need to travel, it’s your personal project and you can enjoy it all year round. In recent years, it has been shown that maintaining a garden can really improve your mental well-being, encouraging you to nourish yourself and connect with nature and wildlife.

Your garden can require as much maintenance as you want. Is it an explosion of colors and greenery that you would like? Or a quiet, soothing place to read a book or watch a movie? You can even take the regeneration route and watch the bugs and critters flock to your own wilderness.

Look to the sky

Later in life, it’s not uncommon for our bodies to become less mobile than they once were. But that should never be an obstacle to engaging outdoor activities. Indeed, some activities require little or no movement on your part. So sit back and gaze skyward – either by day to catch birds in flight, or by night to watch the stars unfold on a cosmic screen.