10 Summer Patio Essentials That Will Turn Your Outdoor Space Into An Oasis

The warmer months are perfect for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. For this reason, having a patio space – complete with summer essentials – that is inviting yet comfortable is crucial. An outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space, so when decorating, approach it as you would any other room in your home that you and your guests will enjoy.

When upgrading your deck for the summer, it’s important to think about the type of activities you enjoy the most, while keeping space in mind. If you like to cook or entertain, make sure you have enough seating and a table for drinks and food. If you prefer a more relaxed space, create an outdoor living room with comfy sofas, pretty lights, and candles.

The furniture you choose for your space should be made from materials that are durable (to withstand the outdoor elements) while being functional and inviting. For example, metal is unaffected by sunlight and can last longer outdoors than wood, plastic or rubber furniture. A rug is bound to be wet or spilled. It is therefore important to ensure that your carpet and other furnishings are easy to clean and water resistant.

An outdoor makeover might seem a little overwhelming and expensive, but luckily, you can easily brighten up your outdoor space by implementing a few elements like plants, a string of lights, and fun, interchangeable pillowcases. Shop TZR’s top picks for the upcoming summer.

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This artificial hanging plant looks real but requires no maintenance. It will last on your patio all year round and liven up your space immediately. “Thrilled with this purchase, these have been on my porch for over a month and haven’t faded at all,” read one review. “They look fresh and real.”

Whether artificial or real, they will need a cute and secure place to be housed. This 100% solid bamboo shelf features a rust-proof white carbon steel plate that will securely hold your greenery to create the perfect relaxing ambiance outdoors.

One reviewer raved about the quality of the stand. “I can’t tell everyone enough how great the quality of this plant stand is,” they said. “It met all my needs and was exactly what I was looking for, from the size to the fact that it had rollers. I plan to bring my plants from outside and then roll them outside once the winter season and the cold past.

This cooler is lightweight and has the storage capacity to handle up to forty 12 oz. cans with ice cream. You’ll love having it on hand all summer long. “It’s lightweight and comes fully assembled. It’s not huge…the size of an ottoman, but perfect for a balcony or other smaller space,” said one reviewer. “It functions as an extra seat. There’s no drainage, but since it’s lightweight, unloading it isn’t a problem.


Light up your patio when the sun goes down with outdoor string lights. These light options are suitable for all sizes of space and will last through any change of season, creating a magnetic and cozy ambiance.

“Love, love, love these lights. We first ordered two strings and then came back to order two more,” exclaimed one reviewer. “The color of the lights are great…not dark amber, but not pure white. I think the color is perfect. We placed the lights in our garden and the ambiance is wonderful. I really recommend these lights anyone who wants to beautify an outdoor space.

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a nice evening on your patio and then realizing you’ve been bitten by mosquitoes. Made with soy wax and natural citronella oil, this candle has an amazing aroma and will help keep you safe from insect bites.

“These melting waxes smell absolutely wonderful,” wrote one reviewer. “They carry their scent strongly but it’s not overwhelming. They do not evaporate. I appreciate them very much and will order again.”

These glass mason jars include warm white solar powered LED lights, which will light up your long nights outdoors. The jars are leak proof and are designed to keep moisture out.

“They’re super easy to set up and I love that they’re solar powered,” enthuses one reviewer. “I turn them on when it gets dark and they turn on and stay on. Don’t worry about the wind blowing out a lantern or a candle. It looks so pretty hanging in our tree in the garden.

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These cushion covers are cute, functional and easily interchangeable – you’ll love having them in your outdoor space. “These pillowcases look exactly like the ones pictured on Amazon,” read one review. “They are durable and fit perfectly. I have them on a turquoise outdoor sofa and they look beautiful.

This small patio table has a steel frame, is waterproof and weatherproof. You can use it as a snack table, end table or side table and display any of your new decor on it. “Exactly what I needed – a simple side table for my front patio,” said one reviewer. “Easy to assemble and good quality.”

This three-piece rocking bistro set includes two comfortable rocking chairs and a glass coffee table. It is durable and will withstand any type of weather and is perfect for long nights with your friends. “I’m so in love with this set,” raves one reviewer. “I wanted something sleek, sturdy and comfortable and I feel like I got what I was asking for. I love how sleek it looks on my porch. I was afraid of buy the set at such a low price, but I’m glad I took a chance!”

This rug is made with low pile synthetic carpet fibers that are durable enough for any type of weather. The textured woven rug is stain resistant, pet friendly, and easy to care for. “I love this rug,” exclaims one reviewer. “It’s thin, but still durable!” Looks exactly like the pictures and it’s great value for money.