10 patio skirting ideas that will enhance your outdoor space

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There are many reasons to add skirting boards around your patio. It can help hide beams and other structural items below deck, provide an out-of-sight place to store tools and other essentials, and give your outdoor space a more put together and cohesive look.

Whether you’re building a new deck or looking to upgrade your existing deck, deciding which designs and materials are right for your home can be tricky. Below, you’ll find several patio skirting ideas to inspire you to plan your next patio project.

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1. Wooden slats

Whether you’re looking for vertical or horizontal deck skirting ideas, wooden boards are a relatively simple and attractive option that complements most deck styles. Vertical planks can give the illusion of extra height, making shorter decks look a bit taller, while horizontal planks work well with both modern and traditional aesthetics.

You can customize the spacing between planks depending on how much of the under deck area you want to conceal; placing the boards directly next to each other gives a solid wood look with no gaps to see under the desk, while spacing of about an inch allows light to filter into the space under the desk. bridge. Depending on the size of your deck and the type of wood you use, being able to control the spacing of the slats makes this a potentially inexpensive deck skirting idea.

2. Mesh Panels

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Whether your patio is a few feet off the ground or a story or two, you might want to consider using lattice panels for deck plinths. Lattice panels are easy to work with and install. You’ll only need a few simple tools, including a tape measure, circular saw, and drill, to help you create a custom fit for your deck. Lattice panels are available in different colors and designs to help you achieve the look you want.

3. Decorative panels

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When it comes to deck plinth ideas other than lattice or slats, decorative deck plinth panels are also easy to cut and customize to fit your patio layout. These panels are made of durable materials like polypropylene that stand up to the elements, which is ideal for a product that stays outdoors all year round. Unlike wood, these vinyl polymers won’t warp, twist, split or rot, keeping your patio skirting looking its best for years to come. Decorative panels, although not made of wood, can still be painted to match the color scheme of your deck.

4. Hangout under the bridge

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Don’t be afraid to get creative with your below deck skirting ideas. For example, adding skirting boards along one or both sides of your patio can help create a whole new use for that space. Deck skirting can also help separate the below deck area from landscaping and other yard features that might get in the way of entertaining. Choose a paint color or stain for the baseboard that matches your deck’s support beams for a cohesive finished product.

5. Stair plinths

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Rather than adding skirting boards around the outside of your low deck or floating deck, consider making the entire perimeter one wide staircase. By gradually decreasing the height around your deck, you will create an attractive finished product that is also very functional in allowing access to the deck.

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6. Greenery

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To conceal the area under your deck without hiring a professional deck installer or DIY, you can create a natural deck skirt with bushes, shrubs and other vegetation. Simply plant suitable bushes or shrubs around the perimeter of the patio without leaving much space between them. If you want an upscale look, build or purchase flower beds with stone or wood borders before growing your privacy plants around the patio.

7. Composite deck plinth

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Composite decking skirting resists stains, moisture, mildew and fading, while imitating the natural look of wood. Just like regular composite decking, there are many finish options to choose from with composite decking skirts, so you should have no trouble finding a color that coordinates with your home’s siding and trim. for a clean look. You can also choose a different color for your composite skirting board to achieve a modern looking frame for your deck.

8. Stone paneling

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After following a set of deck plans, add stone paneling is a great way to give your finished project a truly professional look. Stone panels are less expensive and easier to install than real stone. However, it offers such a realistic appearance that backyard visitors might not even be able to tell the difference.

9. Shed below deck

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Maximize the space under your terrace to gain the necessary storage space by converting it into a shed. Frame the space below deck and add plywood to build the structure. Then, to make the shed look like a natural addition to your home, add matching siding. Finally, complete your DIY shed with double doors for easy access to all your garden equipment.

10. Lights and Landscaping

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Turn your covered patio into an architectural masterpiece by using vertical deck boards as skirting boards. Planting a few flowers or shrubs along the skirting board and adding patio lighting can help draw attention to the design and add to the overall beauty of your garden.

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